Anyone load shotgun slugs or buckshot

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December 09, 2019, 09:46 PM
Anyone load shotgun slugs or buckshot
I recently got some fiocchi primed shells and aa12 shotcups....I loaded some Lyman 525 pellet slugs over 23 grains of Unique....

Works like a champ.

I also tried some 69 caliber round balls that I usually use in my Brown Bess...same load. They work great too.

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December 12, 2019, 06:02 PM
I've got the simple Lee reloader. I've had it for about fifteen years or so. When I first got it, I loaded birdshot and some recycled buck shot. My brother did cast some pretty nice looking and consistent slugs that did great. I don't shoot much shotgun anymore due to a herniated disc and some pinched nerve issues. I used mostly WST in the loads and was impressed.

Everyone that checked out the little press was amazed at the crimp.I'm approaching retirement and will blow the dust off that sucker soon.

I was in wally world a while back and they had the clays marked down for clearance to about 1.35 a case. It got me thinking.