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What kind? Good and bad points?
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Never got my brass clean enough....

Changed to stainless media tumbling. Brass is like factory new.


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I've got a Lyman Turbo Sonic 2500.
It gets the brass clean enough for my tastes.
Link below should take you to a slideshow I've got.

However, it's a lot more labor-intensive than the wet stainless tumbling, so if I were to do it all over again, I'd opt for the wet tumbling route.

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I have a Hornady L&L 2 liter. With heat and a 15 minute cycle time, my brass is very clean including primer pockets. I don't have any complaints yet.

I tumble with 50/50 Tufnut and walnut mix and they are shiny as hell, deprime and then I do the ultrasonic cleaning. I'm more interested in the consistent friction on the inside of the neck from a functional perspective. The rest is just looks.

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Cheap ass harbor freight [big one]
Hot water ,few drops of dawn dish soap and one table spoon of citrus acid powder [in pickling section at W M]
Run two time cycles and rinse your pretty shiny brass in hot water.
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My Harbor freight also works well.
I tumble my brass then sonic clean it. I use the Dawn/Citrishine formula.
For rusted metal parts I use transmission fluid for the bath.
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+1 on the cheap ass harbor freight. It may be heresy to some but I really don’t care if my brass shines like it’s fresh off the production line. This gets it plenty clean and shiny and my ammo goes bang.

Besides, it’s going to be dirty again the second it fires anyway.

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