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Originally posted by AZSigs:
I think Extreme is the better of those 3.

I'm getting 1-hole groups (hand-held, from a heavy rest) at 10-yds from a P320-X5 using X-Treme 147-gr Hollow Points over max-loads of Longshot.

Getting ready to order grip adaptors for my Ransom Rest for the X-frame to properly test Xtreme, Hornady XTP, Win and Precision Delta loads at 25-yds with Longshot and Titegroup.

Don't have much time available for testing and will need to get a solid bench for the Ransom rest before I can begin testing but the X5 is seriously accurate and it prefers 147-gr bullets.

I've had OK results with Berry's and Frontier plated, but the Xtreme appears to be best (so far). I am eager to test Xtreme against the jacketed bullets listed above.

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I have used most brands, and concluded I like Xtreme best if it is available for what I want to load...

Xtreme has proven to be very uniform and prices are good if you look for their sales...



Originally posted by El Cid 92:
I've found them to be equally substitutable for generic target loads. Just my $0.02.


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Guys - I am about to give Everglades Bullets a try. Their FMJ (not plated) 124gr Concave Base 9mm bullets are very close to the same price as X-Tremes heavy coated bullets and both are .355. Comes out to be $74.40 per thousand....

Anyone have any feedback on Everglades??? I like their free shipping also.....Mark

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I have shot up thousands of exposed base 'FMJ' bullets made by several companies. My experience and concern is the amount of lead that is atomized and coats virtually anything in the gun hand. TiteGroup powder really is not a good choice with lead exposed. If you shoot 50-100 rnds per use and then clean this may not be noticeable, go 3-500+ shots and it becomes messy. A different, less hot powder would likely reduce this concern.
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