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The Constable
I need to FF about a hundred .223 AI cases for a bolt gun. I would normally just fire a std .223 in the gun but don't want to waste the components as well as the barrel life.

Thinking of a primed case full of cream O wheat tamped in a bit , with a wad of tissue to hold it in.

I've done the same with a .22 K-Hornet ages ago but that brass is fairly light and thin.

Has anyone done it for .223 AI and how were Your results?

Thank You in advance.
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Several years back I tried FF'ing with cream o wheat. It was a lot of fussing around to get the load right that formed the case well. My conclusion it wasn't worth the effort. Besides every barrel I've had chambered has sped up over the first 100 rounds or so, load is going to change. So even if you FF with cream o wheat, going to go through some components as your barrel settles. Last two 6mm barrels I had chambered, 6BRA's (6BR Ackley) FF'd 200rds in each before I started working up a load, I know the barrel is not going to change at that point. The beauty of Ackley FF'ing, easy load and shoot. You can practice some shooting positions when FF'ing that needs some work, we all have those!
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I ff 6mm bra with COW on top of 12gn tight group with a 1" cleaning patch jammed in.
I don't recommend a powder as dirty as tightgroup. And don't hard jam patches, causes too much pressure.
The out come was a mess out in front of the bench & it stunk ! Be ready to clean often.But yes the shoulders were set good.

A friend fills the case with pistol powder.
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I'm with "offgrid".... Load'm up and practice positional shooting.

Now granted.... I do not use my Berger 105gr Hybrids for this. I go look for a cheaper 6mm projectile to accomplish this task.

The fireforming load is pretty darn accurate. So I use it for positional/stage practice.


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Hey Frank, I've done it with 375RUM brass to 404 Jeffery. I used a charge of 4227 & a bit of kapok over powder wad & sealed with a bit of candle wax.It works, but I find it kinda messy.
I have formed 7tcu brass by just firing 223 in the barrel too.

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