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Any of you guys had good luck with this?

I've fired several hundred rounds through mine with the factory barrel and no issues. I'm using BE86 powder and 165 gr bullets. Haven't tried anything else yet but it rings the steel pretty well.

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Never have, and don't plan on it either.

What does your brass look like after that? With the 10mm casing being so much longer than the 40S&W, does the end of the casing fire-form to the walls of the barrel shroud?

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I have a Lonewolf conversion barrel in one of my G20 pistols. It works quite well in IPSC. 40 is a powder puff out of that large frame GLOCK.
I do not shoot 40 out of my factory barrel.
I know of folks that shoot a lot of 40 from their 10mm barrel (or at least claim to do so). But i just don’t trust it to jump that gap without damage in the long run. . It doesn’t have a forcing cone like a revolver.
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I would go conv bbl. You are relying on the extractor 100% to hold the round in place. Plus the carbon & possible etching of the chamber may be an issue with full 10. Kind of like 38 in 357mag. I stopped doing that years ago. Right tool for the right job always works best.

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Fred's excellent comments notwithstanding; Ken Waters, long time contributor to "Handloading" magazine published some data wherein he shot new .40 S&W rounds through his 10mm Delta Elite with good results. It's in his write-up in "Pet Loads", or one of the supplements.

That said, a good friend (is there any other kind?), has a Glock 20, but practices with a Lone Wolf .40 barrel installed. Accuracy is every bit as good as the Glock supplied 10MM.


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No, not out of the 10mm barrel for reasons already discused.

The LW, drop-in barrel is quite accurate and functions flawlessly with 10mm magazines.

I also have a .357 barrel as well.

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The website is gone now, and so are the photos, but there used to be an article showing a number of bad things that can happen shooting a 40 in a 10mm. Lots of blown out primers, mashed and blown out case heads. You're counting on the extractor to maintain headspace, deepening on a whole list of things, it may do a good job, or a horrible dangerous job. No thanks.

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