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Mike ,powder coat in mail today.

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Just got home from NC,’s on the counter. I will open it tomorrow. Thanks much. Trying to catch up on all that I’ve missed...the forum, politics, etc..

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Loaded 300 rds of .38
And did a quick inventory of supplies

Looks like its
Time to start stocking up before 2020 hits and things get expensive and hard to get

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Started loading up some 44 Special brass with 200gr PRNFP bullets ahead of 6.0gr of Trail Boss powder. These are great range loads for my snubby 44 Special revolvers.
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That is my spot.
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I cleaned out my shed enough that I can get to my bench last weekend. Last night, I actually cleaned up the bench and deprimed some 5.56. It was long overdue -5-6 years maybe? Excited to be back...

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Yeah, that M14 video guy...
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Decided to try we tumbling with SS chips (not pins). Ordered a Thumbler's model B from Midway that was on clearance and some tumbling media from Sleeping Giant Brass.

I'm ready to try something besides dry dirty tumbling.

I prepped some 308 LC cases that were dry tumbled and hopefully that was the last time before wet tumbling.

Used Redding wax and dry neck lube with a Redding SB bushing die


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