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slam fires
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I cast up a bunch of 45 cal 230 grain bullets yesterday,weighed them this a/m and it was 36 lbs.
Should last me a while,now comes the work with powder coating.
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Casefeeder install on the 650. I loaded a couple hundred for load development but it was obnoxious keeping the brass feed tube full 15 at a time. I knew it would be, but I underestimated how annoying. Next is a thrust washer for the shell plate and spent primer collection tube. THAT is really annoying.

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I just finished up loading 20 boxes of 12 gauge 7/8 ounce Cowboy Action shot shell loads...this took a couple of days of reloading on my 30+ year old MEC 600 Jr. (anybody who has used one will understand Wink)...this will more than likely get me through the year.


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