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The only 380 I reload much is shot shells but I just don’t shoot the round much, other than killing snakes.
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Originally posted by chinaclipper:
I have always struggled with my Sig P232 and ammo.
It really prefers Federal Hydroshoks (the originals) and chokes frequently on others. I am convinced that it is OAL. What was your OAL when you load the .380 for the Sig P232?
95g JHP bullet, I was using 231 if I recall as a powder.....


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and this little pig said:
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I load the .380 on a Dillon 550. I use 100gr or 95gr, whatever I can get. Also use W231 powder for this round. Not hard to reload. I reload for for a Kimber, Walther PPK/s and a Colt. All shoot my reloads without issues!
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I like this round, I have loaded a lot of rounds.
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