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My MPX runs like a charm when I feed it bulk commercial ammo like Winchester White Box or Blazer Brass. It does not like my soft 147 competition handloads, and in all honesty, I have no need to feed it softer ammo. Because of the current ammo crisis, I'm trying to create a load that attempts to achieve the reliability of this economy ammo for use in my MPX and my wife's Glocks. I intend to also use it when I do some of my firearms instruction with new shooters.

I picked up some 115gr. 9mm Bayou Bullets and worked up a load with Titegroup that seems to provide adequate power/pressure for the MPX. The problem is that the first two rounds didn't feed smoothly and had to be mortared out of the chamber. Both came out with a dent in the nose from feeding. I was able run a few mags worth through the gun successfully after that, but I'm worried that the bullet shape/ogive is not optimum for the gun. When I compared the shape of these to WWB and Blazer Brass, I see that the ogive is sharper on the commercial ammo, so the bullet is longer. Per the reloading references, I am supposed to load mine to 1.1 OAL while the commercial stuff measures out at 1.4. I tried seating the Bayous at 1.4 but they failed the plunk test on a Glock 34 (which is another gun these are intended for). At 1.1 they pass the plunk test in the G34.

So, my question is whether anyone knows a coated 115gr. bullet that has a sharper ogive than Bayou's, or what is your recipe if you've loaded coated 115s successfully for your MPX.
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I’ve loaded common Berry’s & Rainier 115 grain plated bullets as common range & plinking bullets. I’m not near my data but I used just above 4 grains of Titegroup & just under the 1.1 COL.

I don’t know how the Rainier bullet profile compares to what you have.
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I would load 20 rounds with a starting OAL of 1.142 and test them. If the feed issue continues, experiment with an OAL of 1.150 and go from there.
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