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I just picked up a Sig 1911 in 45 ACP and am trying to find the best range loads that it will like. First trip to the range I went through 250 rds of 230 gr ball without issue. After doing some reading I ordered some 200 gr SWC lead bullets from Oregon Trail. The problem I'm having is with a case length of .890, if I seat the bullet so that the shoulder is just barely beyond the case mouth it gives me an OAL of 1.264. This is longer than any recommended load I can find. I was seating the 230 gr RN ball loads at 1.247.
Has anyone else here had to deal with this? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Do your SWC loads fit in the magazine, feed properly, and pass the "plunk test" in your barrel? If they do I'd leave them at 1.264. I love SWC bullets, but it can be a struggle to get them to feed well in semi-autos. In my .40 P229 it was a balancing act between making them long enough to avoid hanging up on the chamber mouth, yet short enough to fit in the magazine. IMO they are better suited to revolvers, but if you can find that sweet spot for your particular gun, you can make them work in a semi-auto.
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