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Private Dick
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Typo....they're 220gr.

Never heard of Leatherhead bullets but let us know what you think of them after you load and shoot.

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Was going through my notes and found some data on the 78gr Lehigh Defense round. This is shot from a Noveske 8.2".

78gr Lehigh Defense
19.0 grs Accurate #9
2.225 OAL
10 rds sample
2856 FPS 35 spread and 11.3 STD DEV.

Wasn't testing for accuracy but, they grouped very well. I was pretty impressed with it. I did notice that Lehigh Defense doesnt list their 78gr ammo on their website anymore. Can still buy the bullets though.
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tagged for reference.


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blame canada
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Finally got through all 28 pages.

What I'm not hearing a good defense bullet for a subsonic load.

I started into 300 by slowing accumulating 20 boxes of sigsauer 220gr subsonic match. Then I opened them and started watching ballistics testing. I'm not impressed with what I'm seeing. As you all already know....they penetrate great, but no fact they overpenetrate. Not what I'm looking for.

I see the value in staying above 200 grains, but some sort of expanding bullet is important. All my preliminary research is showing good defense and hunting rounds, but none designed to expand at low velocity. OR...they're too light.

What do we think about the Hornady 30 Cal .308 180 gr SST ? Maybe a bit on the light side.

I'm shooting these through a 10" 300 pistol length setup. Going through a YHM titanium 9" suppressor 4300, I believe (It's going on 10 months waiting for approval, so hopefully anyday).

I'm planning a chrono purchase, and I've been accumulating reloading supplies to get going. Got 1000 rounds of brass ready to load once I find bullets, and probably go get some A1680 (from reading this thread).

I have some powder on hand already...

2 lbs of Varget
2 lbs of CFE 223
2 lbs of H4895
4 lbs of HS-6
2 lbs of Reloader 22
1 lb of bullseye

I haven't been able to find any 1680 yet, but I've got a trip to Anchorage in a few weeks to look.

Subscribed to the thread now....hopefully I'll be adding some data soon to the group.

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I have the same dilemna, as I am running a 10-1/2" 300 Blk Hardened Arms upper on a pistol lower, at least until my SBR stamp comes thru. Am also waiting for my stamp for a Griffin suppressor, which I had also hoped to run on this setup.

The issue with conventional bullets, even hollow point, is that they really don't expand well, if at all, at sub-velocities. That fact really defeats the purpose for home defense and hunting.

At SHOT last week I spoke with a rep at the G2 Reseach booth about this very topic. They have marketed several pistol bullets/loads the past few years which report to have great expansion characterisics. You can Google them and read about it from several sources and tests.

Specific to the sub 300 Blk, G2 currectly has loaded cartridges with their special bullet profiles which claim superior expansion at sub-sonic velocities, and I was told that they are also selling/planning to sell shortly, the bullets for home reloaders.

I haven't set down that path yet, am just getting my dies set up now for my first run of Blk. I have 8# of AA1680 and just received 500 Speer 125 gr TNT, with plans to first run super-sonic to get more cycles on the gun.

My reasearch shows that more of the max-expanding bullets are in the works from other manufactures as well, or already released for this same reason.
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