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Not too long ago I switched to Redding Type-S sizing dies.

It looks like the early recommendation from Redding and others was 2 thousandth's of neck tension but Redding's current recommendation is 1 thousandth.

I really don't like 1 thousandth (1.5 thousandths is was I was actually sizing to) neck tension possibly because the throat in my barrel is longish and there just isn't much projectile seated in the neck--only about .21" of shank --.355 if you count the boat tail too. Also, Extreme Spread and SD are measurably larger with so little bullet in the neck and low neck tension.

I have switched back to the next smaller bushing which actually gives 2.5 thousandths of neck tension. Accuracy is improved, velocity is up 12 FPS and both ES and SD are tighter.

Other than possibly working the brass harder, is there anything wrong with this?

Thank you,
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The Constable
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I use .002" in both my 6.5x47 Lapua and it's 6mm necked down Brother. Both are doing fine.

I think that standard old factory FL dies will size the neck down FAR more than You and I are.

Do You anneal occasionally? Takes away that worry of neck issues.
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Recommendations are just that, recommendations. You have to do what works for your rifle and system.

I don't think that anyone here is going to tell you that your chosen neck tension is wrong IF you are seeing the results you want.

Cruise onward.


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Nothing wrong at all. Keep going smaller if you like, but you will get to a point of no return or you may start buckling the shoulder getting the bullet started.


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At the Whidden custom die website they sell expander kits for their full length dies. The kit consists of five expanders from bullet diameter to .004 under bullet diameter.

Below many reloaders use the Lyman type "M" expander when reloading their AR15 rifles. As you can see the main part of the expander is .003 smaller than bullet diameter.

I use the Lyman expander above without any problems seating the bullets.
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