Building a 16" M14 for research. What bullet and powder for 1:10"?

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July 04, 2019, 10:24 PM
Building a 16" M14 for research. What bullet and powder for 1:10"?
Originally posted by benny6:
I came here to post about my LabRadar and just saw that this post came back to life. I tried some Black Hills 175 grain match out of my SOCOM in a JAE and I did get just over 2500 FPS at the muzzle.

JBM ballistics says that load will be 1123 FPS at 1,000 yards which is just 6 FPS over the speed of sound. So still supersonic at 1,000 yards.

I was also running a 155 grain Berger Hybrid under 42.5 grains of IMR-3031 in a Lake City case and was hitting an average of 2672 FPS at the muzzle. At 1,000 yards, JBM says that load will still be running at 1,145 FPS.

That same load out of a 22" barreled M14 was running 2785 FPS 10 feet from the muzzle (measured with a CED M2 on another trip) and will be running 1221 FPS at 1,000 yards. At 1,100 yards, the load is subsonic, so the max distance on that load out of a 22" barrel is still 1,000 yards.

So if I can tune this rifle, I can have a pretty decent mid-range rifle that will be perfectly capable of ringing steel inside 1,000 yards.

Accuracy with this thing is all over the place and it's going to be a long journey. I think the problem with the SOCOM is that the gas port is too close to the muzzle and that there's too much going on too close to where the bullet exits the muzzle.

I just got a Delta-P gas lock and used it yesterday with a Precision Armament M4-72 compensator and WOW! They should call this thing the TORNADO! I've used other brakes before with SOCOMs and they were more of a kick in the face. This was more like a strong breeze. A very powerful breeze, but not a painful kick.


Tony, glad you checked back in, appreciate hearing about the results of your trials. The Socom is a different beast mine sports the stock muzzle break. The noise clears the area around me at the range. What you shooting in that I am always asked. Lots of poodle shooters there not many 308s
July 04, 2019, 10:27 PM
Originally posted by drshame:
Recycled stock Harris that's been great on every platform I had it on.
It's on a USGI Fiberglass M-14 stock that I did work on for my needs and refinished.
LRB Reciever, Smith Barrel/Trigger group, USGI Bolt. Nice shooter but a pricey project.

sweet it should send in my trigger group to be be slicked up to NM.