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Loaded and tested shot shells for my Redhawk in 45 COLT. Work Great!! Smile
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Details please? I'm interested.
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semi-reformed sailor
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When I had a 45 colt, I made some shot shells with 4grains of unique a wad as much of number 9 shot and a wad over the case mouth with some hot glue. The wAds were from a orange juice container.

IIRC, the pattern was under two feet at about ten feet....perfect for snakes.

I do regret selling that ruger new vaquero, but I was reducing the calibers I reload, so i replaced it with a 357 revolver and a 357 Rossi model 92 lever gun..

"Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor.”
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At least the older Speer manual has shotshell loads listed. For the most part they are lighter loads with a fast powder. I used the Speer capsules for the 45 Colt but more so for the 38 SPCL.

I just cut open some #8 shot shotgun shells, used Titegroup powder. #9 shot may be slightly better, but I had #8 on hand.

When I go out West I take a few for the revolver, haven’t shot anything with them. I did some target testing at ‘snake ranges’. I leave local Garter Snakes be on the property in WI and MI.
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