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I have a large box of .38 special Remington Peters and a large box of 9mm Federal brass which I know to be once fired. What is the current value of this? I would think brass prices would have risen due to the rising price of ammunition. Looking on the net, most of the companies are out of .38 special in both new and once fired.
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The other day the largest selling site has prices from $30 - $50 per thousand. However no one was bidding on them.

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Around here 9MM is essentially free as you can get all you want picking it up at some of the indoor ranges.

Not all allow that, but the ones I go to do. .38 Special is scarce as hen's teeth.
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Fresh ad at Midsouth Shooters Supply, 500 once fired 9mm for $30.00.

I did see new 38 spcl cases in a shop a week ago, don’t remember the price.
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In the past I have bought once fired 9mm for $30 per K and I think I bought 3k and was free shipping.

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It's been a few years, but I've bought a bunch of brass from The Brass Exchange.

The list 9 mm as in stock @ $35 per 1,000.
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Midway has 500 new "factory overrun" 38 special for $90.
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