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and this little pig said:
Lately, I've been shooting quite a bit of .30-.30. I was given a Marlin 336C in SS and also have a T/C Contender barrel in that caliber.
So, with all the brass I've been keeping, I was wondering what dies I should get.

I have a Dillon RL550B, but will be using that to reload, albeit in a quasi progression mode. I'd like to size and deprime on one die, hand-prime the brass, insert the powder manually using an RCBS ChargeMaster for a specific charge, manually add the powder to the case, then seat and crimp on the RL550B.

My question to you is: what do I need for dies? Which die manufacturer do you suggest? also, I'm assuming that I need to lube the case necks before sizing, correct?

Thank you all for your answers and enabling me to continue my addiction!! Wink -odin
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My 2 cents worth...I'd just go with the Dillon dies. Getting too fancy(trying to neck size or shoulder bump) shouldn't be necessary with a 30-30 lever action. You ought to get good results with a standard die and a bit of care.

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Yes you need to lube otherwise you can get a stuck case. I find the spray on works quick and easy.

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I use rcbs dies but work up all my brass first on an old rockchucker for sizing then trimming and cleaning in the tumbler again.
I loaded this 30 30 and 06 lots way back then.
The 3030 need good roll crimp and can be accomplished by a stripped seating size in the fourth station on the Dillon 550.
Did not have great sucess in the seat station doing both.Fourth station they came out perfect.
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I reloaded 30-30 in Pre-Dillon days on an RCBS Jr. Later used a succession of Dillon equipment to load other calibers. If Dillon offers 3-30 dies for your press, that's what I'd use. If not available, perhaps Redding, RCBS, etc. Two things in reloading 30-30. Make sure all brass is trimmed to the same length. If not some case necks will ripple/collapse when the bullet is crimped into the bullet cannelure. After first firing, back off size die to just neck size/bump the shoulder,etc. The rear locking lever actions sometimes flex a bit and/or develop just a little excess headspace. I agree about seating and crimping in separate operations. Once set up, I'd take advantage of the automation of the Dillon press as much as possible, rather than removing/replacing cartridges on the shell plate for this or that...........ymmv

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and this little pig said:
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Thank you! I appreciate the input and tips!
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You won't be able to use the ammo in both guns unless you full length size. Any dies will do, let your wallet decide. You will need a way to trim brass as rimmed stuff stretches quite a bit.

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30-30 shoulders are super easy to crush. It is one cartridge where a Lee FCD is helpful.

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