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So I just picked up a Steyr Hahn and need to begin reloading for it. I found starline brass and will have to look up load data for it and I imagine 115s for the bullets.

I've seen some talking about a few different dies for it of note 38 acp, 38 super and 9x19 dies. I don't have any 38s but 9x19 is something I wouldn't mind reloading for so I was hoping 9mm luger dies would work for the 9x23 Steyr. Also do I have to stick with 115s? I like 147s in 9mm in terms of buying bulk bullets.
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I used .38 super dies for this caliber. Works fine for me. Never tried 147 in this caliber but my Steyr likes 115, 124 and 130 just fine.
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This sounds like a very interesting gun.

Please keep us posted.


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