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Originally posted by Haveme1or2:
I line them up and spray with one shot.


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Wait, what?
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I went out and bought an 8 ounce container of pure lanolin for $4 and a bottle of ISO-Heet for $2. That will last me for thousands and thousands of cases using an 8/1 ratio. My process:

Light tumble of brass to remove contaminants and powder fouling. Toss about 150 casings in a gallon bag, after prepping with it with 3-4 misted shots, seal and knead. Dump brass onto butcher paper, wait a minute or two til the alcohol evaporates. Deprime/resize at leisure (amazing how smoothly they go through the process).

Because I added the brass to the bag after the mix was in it, none gets inside the case and the primers kept it out of the pockets. I’ll never use any other kind of lube ever again.

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