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I just ordered 500 .357 158 gr polymer coated bullets. I have never used them. I see suggestions about a little more than usual belling of the cases, and warnings about over crimping. I ordered them from SNS.

These could be used in .357 or .38 cases. I probably will keep velocities under full power .357 levels.

How fast can I drive these? I'm seeing suggestions that they can go up to 1400 or 1500 fps, and a few that say they can go faster. In the rifle it wouldn't be hard at all to get to 1400 fps.

Anyone have a load? I know I have some 296 and Unique on hand.

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I have run powder coated bullets to 2000fps with decent results, but I think they are best under 1500fps. The load like a lead bullet, use lead bullet data. Yes you want adequate case mouth flare & like plated, don't over crimp.

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Croni broke,but my coated ones I tried to use lead data.
Had to up that couple tenths grain to make auto cycle properly.
noticed recoil way down compared to lead.
That is my observation.
Have gone total to coated,no smoke and besides that they are pretty.
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I have been shooting coated for a while now
But I keep it around 800 fps because that's all I need

I bell enough so I am not shaving paint and don't use a hard crimp
I would not be surprised with the coating being used today that the crimp can be harder than what it was a couple of years ago

Take some pliers and try crushing one , then put one in a vise, that coating does not flake off easily

I use VV 320 ,W 231 or Clays with lead loading data, lots of loads and different powders work
You just need to find your favorite

Keep us posted as to how fast you end up pushing them, probly if you turn up the speed and they start smoking then your melting the coating

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When the card board on your target backer starts smoldering, you know you've pushed to too far. Smile

I use coated bullets in 9mm and when I first started using them, I took them up to the max recommended charge and noticed my target backer smoking steadily.
Today I run them near the lower end; 5 grains of Power Pistol (9mm load) cycles in any handgun that I have.
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Make sure you bell/flare the cases so you do not scrape the coating off the side of the bullet when seating.

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