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It only decaps, just about any die will do. I use a RCBS, but a nail & hammer works.

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Originally posted by fredj338:
It only decaps, just about any die will do. I use a RCBS, but a nail & hammer works.

Agreed, just don't mess up the flash hole.
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Just about any brand of dies can have a broken pin if everything isn't bolted down tightly...

For my money Redding makes the best dies, with Lyman and RCBS not far behind. For a Dillon press the Dillon dies are the ones to have.



Originally posted by El Cid 92:
Recently snapped a Lyman decapping die. Never was impressed with the quality of this die.

Anyone have a recommendation for a decapping die .223 thru 338 LM??

Thanks in advance.


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The Lee Universal is good to go. I have used one for many years and rounds. Works for steel case and brass case, cost effective and the pin can easily be replaced if broken. No one brand of dies is without issues, some are just better than others. I prefer used, in like new condition and inexpensive so color is not a preference of the box, neither is the material of the box. It is about what works and cost.


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I'm using a RCBS universal decapping die. With the exception of snapping a few pins, I've decapped over 50,000 rounds. The snapped pins were because of off center primer holes. I'm well satisfied.
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I really like my Dillion decapper.

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Late to the show, but my Lee Universal Depriming and Decapping Die has served me well for 5.56/.223 and all pistol brass.

Replacement pin in case it breaks (BTDT)...

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Send Lee a photo of the broken pin and they will send you a new one.

None of their pistol dies incorporate an expander with the decapping pin so any of them will work as a spare until the new one gets to your door.
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The Lee Decapping die is what I use. It works great and is inexpensive. I prefer to decap before cleaning my brass.
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Another vote for lee. I have several and never a failure. I think they will repair/replace free, if it does break, you may want to check on that.

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I use the lee universal decaping die for 223 556 and 308 with no problem but some times have bent pin when doing 357 sig speers cases with small flash hole
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I bought a Lee Universal Decapper when I broke my RCBS decapping pin on my. 308 and could not beg borrow or steal RCBS parts from anyone. I also bought 3 extra decapping pins for it but have never needed them. I actually don't mind it, especially when I just want the cases decapped for cleaning. I think I spent about $20. for all of it can't say anything bad about it.

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I have universal decapping dies from Redding and RCBS. I don't use them much anymore as I decap during resizing. just like 45 Cal does.
Yep, me too, though it's very rare to decap separately, even crimped in military brass. Rod

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I have a hornady ended up bending the spindle when trying to decap military .556. Called them up sent me new spindles great customer service. They reccomended I purchase they're universal decapping die, better suited for military brass unfortunately that one was defective out of the box so I bought the frankford arsenal hand decapping tool. It works pretty good.
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This thread is specifically about decapping dies. I've been reloading for almost 50 years and have used most (not all) brands on occasion.

In my experience -- it's not the brand of reloading tool used, but the care and forethought used in the reloading process that makes quality, safe ammunition. I don't own a huge amount of Richard Lee's equipment. Lee is not my preferred brand. However much of their equipment works very well (and is an outstanding value).

I do own the Lee universal decapping die and 100% agree with Swage's assessment. It's an absolutely 1st rate piece of gear for removing crimped-in boxer primers.

Nikonuser why don't you tell us specifically what is wrong with the Lee universal depriming die? You've already convinced us you're a brand snob. Please convince us you "know what you't talking about" (since you don't own the Lee decapping die).

I spent my career in machine design and have a 4-yr engineering degree -- I'm really looking forward to your highly technical critique of this particular Lee product.

Edited to add: Looks like there a lot of forum members who think the Lee decapping die is "good to go". Come on Nikonuser, don't be shy --- show your a$$ some more!

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