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147 is all I reload for range work and 147 in my store bought personal defense ammo.
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Acme bullets 124 grain coated. 3.6 titegroup. 1.11 OAL.
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124 grain plated
3.7 gr Titegroup
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147 gr.

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Originally posted by 9mmskng:
115gr, usually cheapest Copper Plated available!

^^^^THIS for 90%+ of all the 9mm I load because these are range loads, and work well with a variety of pistols.

For SD loads I use 124's or 147's.

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Playing with Rainier 165gr and 2.8gr of titegroup. 1.15 +/- .005.
These are meant to cycle all my various 9mms when suppressed.

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I prefer the 147 plated bullets. With the powders I use I get the tightest groups and most pleasant "feel" from these loads for range use. I don't have enough reloading expertise to know why this is but I do have enough experience with my guns and aged trigger finger to know the difference. I buy factory ammo for self-defense.

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All of my 9's (two Colt 1911's, a Ruger CMD, 4 Sigs, a Glock, and a BHP) are a bit more accurate with 124's, but if buying commercial loads, the 115's are a buck cheaper usually. Since I reload most of my practice ammunition, it's pretty much a wash.

In my use, the velocity difference between the two does not make a significant difference in impact location at least at combat distances out to 15 yds. Likewise, I feel no real difference in recoil...but those that participate in handgun games may see a difference in split times. It matters not to me. HTH's Rod

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USPSA in Sig P320 X5 - 147g coated over 3.4 gr VV N320

SC in Sig P320 X5 - 124gr plated over 3.3 gr VV 320

Any game with JP GMR15 ( PCC) - that gun eats everything, though the 124gr commercial loads are pretty nice

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i shoot 124's right now. Considering 115's just to save a bit of money (or make more ammo for the same money) with the volume I shoot. It doesn't matter (115 vs 124) on the timer or the score sheet... so seriously pondering a switch.

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