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Power Pistol. For 124gr FMJ I go 5.6 to 6.1gr

As mentioned, a double charge overflows.
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6.6 gr of HS-6, 115 fmj. My pistols like it and good case fill.
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My go-to plinking load lately is:

124 Berrys plated
CFE-P - 5.1gr
OAL - 1.128

It runs fine in my Glocks but haven't tried it in a friends P226 that is still very tight.
My P226 has been shot so much it isn't a problem in it.

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Bulk 115/124/147 plated with mild CFE Pistol recipes. "Clean" is a relative term, but I found this powder to be a lot better than some (BlueDot, Titegroup etc.) for light pistol plinking loads.

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a 124gn Lee TL bullet that i cast and powdercoat, 3.7gn of HP38 or AP 50 as its known down here, with an S&B primer
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124 grain Xtreme RN plated bullet over 3.9 grains of Titegroup.
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124 xtreme round nose plated 7.5 aa 7 cci 500 nice rounds.
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For the past 5k I’ve been using 124 gr xtreme with 5.5 gr unique. I have a couple pounds of power pistol I’m going to give a shot after I switch up the bullet provider.
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I like 124gr bullets over HS6. I started out using titegroup, and didn't like the safety issues with the low fill volume, or the sooty residue it leaves on the brass. It's also really messy with cast bullets. HS-6 has better case fill for safety, burns consistently in the small 9mm case (although I've had to use magnum primers in larger cases like .38spcl), has less muzzle blast than I get from power pistol, and plays nice with cast bullets. I mostly shoot plated or coated these days, but it's nice to have the option of loading the same powder under cast if I want to.

As an added bonus, HS6 is pretty slow burning. I shoot 9mm in both pistols and carbines, and the slow burn rate shows a significant increase in velocity out of the longer barrels....much moreso than you'd see with a fast burning powder like titegroup.
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