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I was in need of some 9mm bullets, and decided to give Rocky Mountain Reloading a try. Their prices seemed pretty reasonable, free shipping is always a plus, and they had decent reviews. Saturday my shipment of 3000 124gr FMJ bullets arrived, and I have to say I'm very impressed. Well packaged, good communication, quick shipping, and a quality product that should serve me well. I loaded up a few Saturday night and tested them at the range and they performed well. I cranked out another 600 last night, so that should keep me going for a range session or two.

RMR also threw in a few business cards, stickers, and this little guy that cracked me up so I had to share. Nice to be doing business with a quality American company that has a sense of humor! I see quite a few more orders in my future!

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I love RMR. My mail lady does NOT!!
I ordered some bullets from them once and they called me to let me know they didn't have anymore plated bullets and would it be OK to substitute jacketed for the same price. YAAAAA.
They have always been supper with my orders too!

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RMR is my absolute favorite place to order my pistol bullets. I rarely stray from them anymore.

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RMR is the best.

They always ship quickly and the price on bullets always includes USPS Priority Shipping.

What basically made them my exclusive source for bullets was when they started producing their jacketed bullets in-house and pricing them competitively with other's plated bullets

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Have placed numerous orders over the years.
Very happy, no complaints.

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Great to deal with. Quality products.

Class act.
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Placed my first order with them after reading the reviews here. I had a few questions and emailed them. Fast response back from them with helpful info.
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I too placed my first order with them a couple days ago, can't beat free shipping

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I have a couple of their bullet drawings on my reloading bench. I believe it is the woman who runs their shipping that draws them.
Great company, great products, great prices.
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I had never heard of them before reading this thread. I ordered some bullets Tuesday and had them Friday. Guy that answered the phone was very pleasant and we discussed various powders and loads. No pressure, no hassle. The bullets look good. I probably won't load them for a couple of weeks. I am very happy so far.
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only place I buy my bullets from they sometimes have specials but haven't seen any lately.
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