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Any of you casters out there know which type of bullet is better.

I have a Lee .357 mold that is RNFP, I use it for my M92 357 levergun and use the same round in my revolver. Like this

Does the SWC shoot better or do better damage to an animal when used to hunt?

Any input would be appreciated.

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slam fires
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More shock with flat nose,if it causes no feeding in the 92 , go with it.
I started out with lee was ok but I gave it to a starter out caster and went with Lyman steel dies.
Not as temperamental to use as the lee's.
The lee pot is also the pits at times.
Slang name is [Sir Drip a lot].
Finally went with RCBS pro mold cost a lot more but problems went away,Main problem with lee is the bottom pore and clogs,leeks and bolts coming loose around the pot.
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The Constable
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The TRUE Keith style SWC is IMHO ALL any revolver guy ever needs, short of a true WC for bullseye work. Though they probably don't feed well in a lever gun.

They perform good on game, are accurate even out to longer ranges and I have seldom seen a revolver that didn't shoot them well.

My two cents.
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