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I am new to reloading for the 5.56 in AR platform. I currently reload for several rifle and pistol calibers.
I have a box of 77 gr. Sierra HPBT .224 dia. that I obtained in a trade deal long time ago.
AR is Mid length gas tube, 1 in 7 twist, 16" barrel.
Would 62 gr. be OK for plinking?
Looking for suggestions for powder and any other suggestions/tips.
Just a range gun, not match shooting.
Thanks in advance.

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62 gr. be OK for plinking

In my humble opinion - the 55gr. ammo will most likely be the cheaper of the two. With that said, you will only benefit from the 62gr. projectile at distances greater than 300 yds.. 300 yds. and under, there is really no signifigant difference unless your talking about defensive measures whereas the 55gr. projectile is better at distances less than 300 yds. because of it's yaw rate and rate of fragmentation. Anything over 300 yds. I would suggest the 62gr. ammo. But, for plinking, definately the 55gr., it's cheaper...... P.S. I know wolf usually doesn't fragment, but I have seen it fragment before, I missed the brand name in the first post, I was just speaking generally.
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With your fast twist barrel I think the 62 would be a good choice. I've had trouble with light pills in fast twist barrels. As far as powder I normally use Varget for my heavier match loads. All others get TAC or CFE-223. If loading on a AP I would choose TAC since it's a ball powder.


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I have loaded thousands of rounds of 55 gn over both WC844 (H335) and WC846 (BLC-2). Both were accurate enough for normal range use and competitions.

Be aware that the 62 GN. M855 bullets with the perpetrator core are banned from many ranges. While fine into dirt berms, using it on a steel target or a indoor range will likely get you thrown out and billed for the damages.

Varget is a great match powder but it doesn't flow well through powder measures. I measure each charge by hand when I'l using it with either the 69 or 77 grain bullet.

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I like Ramshot TAC for midweight and heavier bullets in the 223/5.56.
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slam fires
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Had great sucess with hodsgon 4895 sc on the 223 and 06 for the M 1.
Drops exactly in the Dillon 550's
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Random advice...

For generalized plinking.... stick with 55gr whatever. It's plinking - not tack driving.

Generally the 68 and 75 gr rounds are more designed for mid to long range 300 to 600yds.

My personal favorite powder - CFE 223. It'll cover all the projectile weights.

55gr Hornady FMJ/BT - 26gr CFE
75gr Hornady HPBT - 25gr CFE
77gr Sierra TMK - 25gr CFE

Hope that helps.


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Don't forget to sort brass from NATO crimped brass and non crimped commercial head stamp, as removing the primer crimp is a separate step for brass prep.
Yes, I am one of those types that enjoy's the hobby and doesn't "cost out" the time. It's time I would have used playing video games or watching movies, so it's productive, not lost. I reload 5.56mm/223 because I want to see how much potential I can squeeze out of my rifle, and it's an ongoing process.
Interestingly enough, I have a former co-worker who builds ARs, and he purposefully uses the cheapest generic ammo he can, because he builds them to be as accurate as possible with whatever he can scrounge. i appreciate that effort, but I can't do the same thing, so I attack from the other end, the ammo.
BTW, I agree with cast lead 9mm ammo, got my per 50 "price" down to about $2.50 a box.
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Originally posted by sourdough44:
I like Ramshot TAC for midweight and heavier bullets in the 223/5.56.

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