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I suspect all of us who reload have some piece of Lee equipment. He got me started over 40 years ago with the simple Lee Loader.
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Sad to hear. RIP sir.
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He had a long an prosperous life. RIP.

He got me started reloading with a hand press when I was in college with barely two nickels to rub together.

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IMO the 1st Generation Lee Auto Primer hand held unit with the round tray was a game changer and a product that changed the way many many reloaders primed their brass...I loved my first one so much that when it broke and I saw the 2nd Generation model was coing out to replace the 1st Generation I went out and bought another 1st Generation unit. Still have it today even though it has not been used since I bought my Dillon.....
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RIP. My reloading set up is an eclectic mix of products from many companies, but I have a few Lee items that I like a lot. I have a Pro 1000 press, several Auto Primer units, and a few of their die sets. Everything I have used from Lee has functioned well and been a great value, which is their niche.
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Rip Frown

About fifteen years ago I had bought a Lee Classic Turret press. Well, it started running bad, and tore up the little plastic ratchet. I called their customer service to purchase some new ones, they told me they were transferring my call to someone with a little more knowledge on the workings of this press, much to my amazement the guy introduced himself to me as "Richard Lee". He talked to me for over a half hour explaining what I had done wrong, and how to correct that from happening again with the new parts he was sending me free of charge. What a gentleman he was, I was very impressed with him. Made me an expert on that fine little turret press.

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I use the Lee classic turret press. Its a downright solid, reliable, well made piece of equipment.

Ive never used the ratcheting turret feature though. I use it as a single stage with the convenience of only having to set-up dies once.

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