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Powder Valley has it right now 9/22/17 - 1330 CDT.


TL Davis: “The Second Amendment is special, not because it protects guns, but because its violation signals a government with the intention to oppress its people…”
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It seems that several well known distributors have had this in stock in the over the past 7 or so days. Thanks for the heads-up. I think I look at least 4 times per week.

Happy hand loading.


P.S. What have you done about the A and D scale? I am enjoying mine along with the autotlrow/autotrickler. I will admit though that while it is a little faster, more accurate and does produce tighter SDs on the chronograph, when compared to RCBS Chargemaster I have a much better appreciation for just how good the Chargemaster is. At 20% the price it is 80% or better as good for a non-competing, shooting for the enjoyment of it end user like me.
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I use H4350 in my 300 WSM, the 30-06, and a bit in the 243. Lots of new powders around, but one of the 4350's is rather versatile. I have the IMR stuff too.
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