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Hey all-

I inherited a bunch of Herters dies. They have features that I am not familiar with. Slidey-things and cut out windows, etc. I am looking to find instructions on how to use and set them up.

I would like to instant Karma the 6mm and 270 dies. All I would ask for is a little knowledge so I can use the 30 06 dies that I am keeping. Maybe some PDF instructions?

Anybody interested in some gifted dies and gifting me with some know how?


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Herters didn’t really make any dies themselves, but relabeled dies made from various manufacturers. It seems to be varied, but CH out of Ohio was one of the more common makers. Now they have morphed into, with an active website.

The dies they make today, are likely different from those of yesteryear. There was a reloading pdf from 1962 that mentioned Herters a lot from nz.

For the 200+ pages not a whole lot of helpful info, though there is mention or Herters die setup, pages 49-50 mainly.

For the most part, ‘most’ dies have a similar setup. Of course there are a few anomalies. Herters die reviews seem mixed at best.

Thanks but I’m not trying to qualify for any karma. I don’t reload those rounds & am trying to limit new chamberings. Not even sure if any of this info is helpful.

I caught the tail end of Herters notoriety back in the 70’s. The store was a must stop on a family trip to SD back in the day.
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Have you looked for info over at castboolits?
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