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Any experience with starline brass
in 41 mag ?

Some good pricing but only if it's worth it
anyone have comments ideas, going to use
RCBS carbide dies for sizing........any loads
you want to share ?....... G reg

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I have Starline brass for my .41 Magnum. I bought it over 10 years ago. (I don't shoot handguns much at all these days and I would have to go dig up the details of the load.) Great stuff.

I'm even considering getting .308 brass from them for my next barrel on my match rifle. I usually buy Lapua exclusively for that, but Starline impresses me. A lot.
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The Constable
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The only thing I find with new STARLINE brass is that it's "dry" when it's new, can't think of a better term. Whatever they use as a final clean up, really cleans up the brass. I found with 10mm, 41 and 44 mag that the expander/bell die DRAGS badly when the brass is new. (Dillon 550 with Dillon dies)

So now I tumble new brass for an hour or so. The walnut media as well as a dash of DILLON media additive (polish) solves that issue.

Once it's been fired, no issues.
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Great brass.

I’ve used star line for 357,38 spcl, & 44 mag.

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Starline is by far the best brass I've used in .357, .41 & 44 Magnum and Special. It's tough, uniform in length and best of all, available. Rod

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Hope I can help here. Starline brass is GTG. I have experienced no split cases with my moderate loadings for this caliber.

I normally load 215 grain jacketed, poly-coated, and lead bullets. With this bullet weight atop 7.0 grains of Unique or 8.0 grains of Herco, my S & W Model 58 shoots very close POA/POI at 25 yards with its fixed sights.

Good Luck!
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Great brass, in my experience. I use it for .44 magnum.

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I use Starline for .41, largely because there's no used brass out there in .41.
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Wait, what?
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You cannot go wrong with Starline. Great stuff.

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