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For me it was the following:

RCBS CM Lite electronic scale and dispenser

Caliber specific powder funnels

In-Line Fabrication press mount

Reloading is a hobby that has a never ending supply of items meant to enhance your reloading experience while separating you from your hard earned cash. The three items I mentioned were well worth the coin I spent and I would not hesitate to buy them again.

Please share your thoughts.


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Little Crow case trimmer,damn ,I spent forty five years doing it the hard way with the manual lyman,rcbs,trimmers.
Suffered many thumb and index finger blisters.
Now days it all sits idle ,got way too much shif loaded.
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Dillon 650 with a casefeeder!! I can not imagine going back to loading the volume of ammo I shoot with my old Lyman turret press. I still use my Lyman a bit, and it reminds me quickly how slick the 650 is!!
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In-Line Fabrication roller handles
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This is an interesting thread. Good question.

For me, the answer is going to be my Giraud case trimmer. 100 cases trimmed, chamfered and deburred perfectly in under 5 minutes.

I never got interested in progressive reloading because they only first came out about the time I stopped IPSC competition and returned to rifle competition for good.

I usually stay pretty current with my loading tools. I got a Chargemaster 1500 about a year or so after they were introduced.

I got the Trim Mate when it was first introduced; I sold it to a friend of mine after I got my Giraud trimmer; no need to chamfer/deburr after trimming.

I would say that another on that took a while to upgrade was my press. The original RCBS press I had served me well for close to 30 years, but I changed it for a Redding T-7 and that's another one I should have done earlier. That press is amazing. I gave my RCBS to a young shooter who wanted to get into handloading.

I got the autotrickler pretty early on and the autothrow not too long after it was introduced. I did get one of the first V3 upgrades.
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Another vote for a Dillon 650 with case feeder. Just when I thought it could not get any better than that, I got a tool head with a Dillon power trimmer.

Before the Dillon, it was an RCBS chargmaster 1500.

I had used a Reloader Special 5 for 20 or so years with a spoon, trickle and an old 1010 scale.

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The STM Rebel 17 Tumbler...

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The KMS Squared LED light kit for Dillon 650. It's an easy install and perfectly lights up the entire shell plate from above.

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Every time I buy something from Dillon

Sq Deal

Then a 650

Then a

Case feeder for the Dillon 650

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The Chargemaster 1500. The Giraud Tri-way trimmer.


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L.E. Wilson case gauges. I love them so much I purchased one for every bottleneck cartridge I own and load, which is a lot. Makes setting up a sizing die properly so easy.

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PMA die adjusting tool. It's A
Single stage press tool. I can make small adjustments for shoulder bump.
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A&D FX120i with Auto Trickler and Auto Throw. Sold my CM 1500. I've had this system for several years. Recently upgraded to the V3 with Bluetooth board. Took 2 1/2 months to get it. Plan to set it up this weekend.

And more recently, Dillon 550. Use it with Wheeler floating tool heads for my precision loads. Weight the powder charge with the A&D scale, Trickler and Throw. Big time safer compared to pulling the handle on a single stage. A Dillon 650 is used for other calibers I reload.
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Thumbless tumbler with stainless steel pins.....

And Redding full length re sizing die with a neck bushing. I take out the expander ball and voila!

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