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Just had a fellow told me he has a bunch of 223 brass, PD training brass. I didn't really get to grill him on it but I'm thinking good quality, once fired brass. He wasn't sure what it is worth.
So, if I am correct on good quality, once fired, what is it worth?
By the 5 gal bucket, by the pound, what ever way YOU would price it?

How many (appox) is in a pound, 5 gal bucket, ect?


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According to STM (wet tumbling experts), a pound of .223 brass contains approximately 70-75 pieces. I'd price somewhere a little less than Everglades; they're just about the best price going. $50/2,000 pieces or $0.03/each?? You're going to get brass that is still dirty, so take your time to clean/tumble into consideration. Everglades dry tumbles their brass in ceramic media before shipping, but I always wet tumble even after getting brass from there.

2,000 pieces is a little over 25lbs. so very raw math might dictate a fair price of $2.50/lb?

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I agree with erj, the price of once fired bulk .223/5.56 brass is really low - at least where I'm at. Most people I talk to won't even buy it at all since there are so many gravel pits filled with it even just a half hour from the city.

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From a pd range, I wouldn't even buy it. Maybe I'm just picky, but I only use Lake city (or lapua, but you don't find that laying around).

*IF* it was lake city, I still wouldn't pay more than $100 for a 5-gallon bucket. It's very cheap right now.

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I've seen LC brass available for about $60/1000. Approx 13 lbs per 1000 IIRC. Commercial brass runs a little less. Gun shows have tons of sellers competing. I only use commercial brass for the gun classes I take as I plan on leaving it there. I like LC for my other shooting needs.

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ask what kind of brass it is.
my brother gave me buckets of .223 brass, there's some Hornady steel mixed in with it. His PD won't let him trade it in or scrap it and tells him to throw it away so he throws it away into my pick up.
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