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Uppity Helot
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5.0 gr. under a 230gr. pill is hardly a bunny fart load. My bet is on a bad primer that did not ignite with full force and heat which caused a partial powder burn and squib.
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Originally posted by sigarmsp226:
92 - Not sure my thought process even makes sense but hear me out....Any chance that the bullet was seated but not crimped enough to keep it from moving forward when you were firing rounds 7-10 thus causing the lead to move far enough forward to allow the lead to still be aligned enough to move forward when the primer ignited but because the case opening was not completely sealed the powder was not close enough to ignite?

Just a thought that has not been mentioned yet in this thread.....Mark

Interesting theory, but I doubt it. I tend to err on the side of a heavy crimp, I've shot hundreds of rounds of this load without experiencing a pulled bullet (or another squib), and there was no noticeable drag on the cylinder before I experienced the squib, which one would expect had the bullet loostened far enough in the case to cause ignition issues.
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