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My range is great for picking up lots of used brass, but I no longer need more brass, I would like to keep what I shoot as I know the number of firings, and I also have some Starline 380 I bought that I’d like to keep hold of. I tried a brass catcher that straps to your hand, but it did a terrible job. Put down a sheet on the ground, but it’s hit or miss and does not allow me to move while practicing. Anyone have a reliable method to catch pisto brass?
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I have one I built years ago for using in the indoor range I shot at. I converted a plastic 50 cal can to a catcher. I used legs from a 2 cheap tri-pods as post and mosquito netting. I've seen several made from pvc. They are commercially available. The one I copied had telescoping legs which fit into side the can for easy transport and storage.


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Some ranges have the framed steel mesh one can put near to stop brass from flying far. It’s not perfect but won’t interfere with the action or get in the way.

Of course some guns throw brass odd directions, like over the head. Even in the backyard with short grass 380 brass seems to disappear.
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Larger tarps on the ground in strategic positions

After a while you get a feel where to put them

But they need to be larger than a sheet

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Google graco models and look at their tripod mounted one. I have two. As long as your pistol doesn't launch brass straight up it works well.

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Cheap metal detector
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Using a Caldwell AR Catcher on my Beretta Cx4 with great success. No problem with any interference.
I have been contemplating attaching to the bottom rail of a P226 and see what happens.

I use a Home made catcher and stand for most range shooting but moving around is the real issue - Some brass is very expensive and worth the hassle.

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Push the ejector rod only while over an empty ammo can. All six empty brass will fall right in. Wink

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