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I went shooting with my BIL and FIL yesterday. In addition to my Ruger Blackhawk (issues with which were detailed in a separate thread), we shot my P320, my BIL's XD Subcompact, my FILs G19 Gen 5, and my Ruger PC Carbine, all in 9mm.

My BIL had a bag of commercial 9mm, and I brought along a can of my 9mm reloads (124gr RMR jacketed over HS6). This was my first experience with a Gen 5 Glock...I own a Gen 3 G26, and all of my loads passed the plunk test in that, as well as in all of my P320s. Coincidentally, they did in my BIL's XD as well, and the PC carbine. They jammed in the lands of the Gen 5 G19, and it wouldn't go into battery. The gun did run ok with my BIL's factory ammo.

I did some reading on the Gen 5 today, and it seems I'm not the only one to experience this. Some folks have reported the same problem with factory Hornady Critical Defense ammo, and even Federal HST isn't passing the plunk test 100%. Anybody here had to adjust your loads to accommodate a Gen 5 chamber?
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I had the same problem with my reloads with my Gen 5 Model 19 Glock. Long story short....I increased the crimp on my cartridges. Viola! All passed the "plunk" test and functioned flawlessly.

Also, be certain that you adhere to the proper OAL.

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Seems to be a profile issue with a shorter euro style chamber. My 124gr fmj reloads loaded to 1.15oal work just fine. I haven't experimented with any carry ammo.

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