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Originally posted by rduckwor:
So Nikon, not to rain on your parade, but you introduced a second variable into this experiment and that complicates the situation. Above you talk about non-annealed brass AND a new barrel. No one can fault your outcome, but this says little that we can discern about the variable of not annealing the brass.

I can appreciate you methodology of minimal work on the neck of the brass and the comments on accuracy versus brass life. I wonder what the lack of annealing is doing to neck tension? Sadly, that is a very difficult variable to measure for the average reloader.

Is it impossible to have both accuracy and brass life at the same time?

Thanks for the post.


Actually, I do not see where I introduced a second variable in my experiment, as I have avoided annealing for the last couple of cycles, so at least 1000 rounds, if not more. This weekend, the only variable that changed was the barrel, and it was a huge change.

As for your question about neck tension, you are absolutely correct in stating that it's a very difficult variable to measure. Some of the folks are using hydraulic seaters that measure pressure. I think that's a measure too far for me. The way I presented it to the group recently is that it's important to have a good tension but the difference between requiring 20PSI to push the bullet out or 40PSI is mouse nuts when you figure the pressure pushing the bullet is above 60,000 PSI. I know some of the guys on the Australian team use .005 or more of neck tension and load to astronomical pressures. They use up the case in one single firing. They do very well, sometimes. I have increased my neck tension in 2017, I think it was. I now use .003 and considering going one more to .004.

Never forget that in F-Class, velocity is highly prized and we are always looking for the next accuracy node. You surely can have accuracy and good brass life, but that will be at more sane pressure compared to some of the stuff we produce.

I have not given up on annealing, but for now, I'm relegating it to the side.
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