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I had been a Wilderness wearer for the last 15 years until I recently tried the Nexbelt EDC. I find it less bulky in the buckle area and generally nicer.
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I've been using this 5-11 belt for a year now I Carry IWB. So there is always a cover garment so the belt itself does not show. This model is fairly inexpensive and it is very durable. The weight of the gun really becomes less a factor with a good belt and holster.

I will never go back to a standard belt again.
Regardless which you choose... you will be much happier and less fatigued by the end of the day with a good set up.

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I like leather, not a fan of the nylon belts.

I've been very happy with Belt Man products. You'll find them here:

Others here have posted recently about being very happy with their belts purchased from Armor Belts. You'll find them here: LINK2


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I need a new EDC belt. 1.5" would be fine.
Tactical especially that triangular buckle, limits your dress options. I'd think it would be too outdoorsy for dress slacks, or a coat & tie environment. I keep two all leather 1.5" belts handy, black and brown, of my own make. The buckles are dressy enough for any choice...and coincidentally will support a full size gun. They're in use every day!


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I just got the Ares Gear Aegis belt, love the old Boy Scouts type buckle, isn't as pokie as a Cobra Buckle, if you have some overhang/belly

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I too have a couple of the Wilderness 5 stitch with polymer inserts ( I love them EXCEPT when threading them through belt loops and holster loops. This endeavor is a workout. However, once in place, they're (there or their for the morons) as solid of an option as there is.

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My SOE belt sits on a shelf unused... waste of money.

My favorite belt I’ve found yet...

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I bought an Ares Gear Aegis belt a few months ago. It's definitely my number one belt for EDC now.

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Hey Frank, best belt for the $$$, the Cabela's wilderness belt. I have been using one in competition & carry for about 6y now. $30, hard to beat.

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I have three Wilderness belts. Unless you are carrying the weight of the world with you every day you don't need the fiberglass reinforced version. In have one that I use as a work belt and it's still over built for my radio and tools. It's going on ten years with no sign of needing a replacement. I also have a Beltman belt. I don't wear it much and with the way it's built it's unlikely to ever wear out.

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I'm a leather belt guy, and I have found the absolute best are from, of all places, Comp Tac.
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I've been using a Beltman bull hide belt everyday for 10 years now and still love it.
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Just received my Mastermind Tactics "Specialist" belt.

Not bad for $34.(they are now $38)


Not as stiff as the Gcode or SOE, but stiff enough for appendix carry, and the buckle is super minimal.
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I just picked up a and im pretty happy with it. It adjusts in 1/4 increments for when you have your fat days.


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