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I have a nice horizontal shoulder holster for another carry piece but am looking to get one for my 226. First inclination is to go vertical but a lot of folk have horizontal out there. What's your opinion?

Do you prefer a vertical or horizontal shoulder rig -
or do you just not like all shoulder rigs at all?


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I really like my Alessi Bodyguard horizontal shoulder rig for my SIG P238. Of course, it's smaller than your P226, but a fellow I know carries his X5 Comp in a Bodyguard. He's a big guy, though. Horizontal rigs make for an easier draw, if you're big enough to accommodate them.

Such rigs are great under a sport coat, especially while driving.

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I've carried a shoulder holster quite a bit. I'm able to hide a 5" 1911, but I'm 6'3" and 260#. It can be done, but it all depends on your size and build.

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Horizontal is the only way to pull for me, and that is the way I went.

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Siting in a car wearing the horizontal it's easy to grasp the Sig.

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My preference is for the horizontal, but I need a vertical for anything longer than a 229, G19 or Colt Commander
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