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I made my own.
I personally like the GCode Incog for IWB but didn't want to wait 12 weeks and spend a ton of money. I did my own using their super-mojo and clip. Perfect for my uses.

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I have a kydex IWB from Ozarks, fit is good and it adds minimum weight-bulk to the pistol.


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G-Code INCOG Eclipse. Just change out the clip for a new strut with one that has a riveted or screwed on strap. (in stock so no need to wait 6-12 weeks)

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I EDC my G43 in a Ryan Grizzle Town and Country,
Great holster.
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I picked up a G43 with CT laser for my girlfriend. Finding a decent looking holster for it has been tough as well. I think I am going to end up making one, unless you guys have a good suggestion for the laser model.
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I'm using Bravo Concealment for my OWB & IWB - mine wears a Shield RDS and the Bravo models work well.

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