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I really like the Comp-Tac kydex pouches.

Although I'm beginning to like the BFG Ten-Speed pistol pouch more and more.

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Left front pocket.Oriented in the correct position.

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NeoMag in front off-hand pocket.

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In my back pocket and ruined a few pairs of dress pants doing so. Now in my front pocket.

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My spare mag rides in a JMCK AIWB mag pouch. Sometimes when I wear shorts it goes in a front pouch that seems to have been made for a mag. Bottom line is that I really like having it along the front belt line so I can reach it with either hand.
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My lc9s mag rides in my front left pant pocket in a leather mag pouch. Everything else rides in a single or double mag leather pouch IWB or OWB at about 7:00.
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