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Had a real scare. I thought I lost my spare magazine. So far I carry my spare in a cargo pocket. After today that's going to change. So, how do you carry your spare mags?

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My standard holster is which has a spare mag slot.

When I pocket carry the CM9 or LCP, spare mag goes in the opposite pocket in this:
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In a belt carrier.

Galco ones are ok, Safariland ones are decent. Look for something that holds tight to the belt.

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Comp-Tac kydex magazine pouches on the belt.
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17 round mag for the P320 in a Galco ankle safe - left ankle. I have too much stuff on my belt and in my pockets to hang anything else there.

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Either a single- or double-mag pouch on the offside (I have leather ones from Milt Sparks and Mitch Rosen, respectively) for 1911 mags.

For a spare 10-rounder for a Glock 26, I like the Magholder LLC horizontal mag carrier. I orient mine in a bullets-up position.

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Safariland 123 horizontal magazine holder.

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For real?
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Oops double post

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Originally posted by RogueJSK:
Comp-Tac kydex magazine pouches on the belt.


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Either DeSantis or Sparks leather pouches on my belt.
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I only carry one spare magazine. That gives me a total of 25 rounds on my person for my EDC, which is a Sig P229 in .40 S&W: 1 in the tube, 12 in the magazine in the pistol, and 12 more in the spare magazine.

I use a Milt Sparks pocket holster for the spare magazine, they call it the PCH-M. I carry it in my weak side front pocket, and I don't ever put anything else in that pocket. You'll find the Milt Sparks PCH-M at this LINK, under "accessories".

I've been really happy, fully satisfied, with both my Milt Sparks pocket magazine holster and my Milt Sparks IWB pistol holster, which is a Versa Max 2. I recommend both to you without reservation. Give 'em a try; you'll be glad you did.


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One mag in this holder from NextHolster. I picked it up at a gun show as sort of a "throwaway" until I could get something I thought better, but it has turned out to be well made and versatile. My gun is AIWB at 1:30, the mag holder also IWB at 10:30. Surprisingly, this is not uncomfortable. The one thing I don't like is that it is a little too deep and doesn't expose as much of the top of the mag for a good grasp in a hurry as I'd like.

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No longer carry a Schrade LB7.
Repurposed the leather pouch, with snap closure, as a spare mag carrier.
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Front pocket most of the time.

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Off-side single mag pouch. Lately (last few years)it has been in a Comp Tac single mag pouch.

Same for my wife.

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Originally posted by jljones:
Front pocket most of the time.

Same here. Left pocket with only the magazine in it. I practice that way too and it works good for me.

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When carrying my M11-A1 or P229/.40, I carry two mags off-side in either a leather double open-top mag pouch or two Blackhawk hard polymer clip-on mag pouches, depending on what holster I'm using that day, either an old Dillon Leather Master or a Blackhawk hard polymer non-SERPA.

When I carry my XD-S/9, I carry three mags in Blackhawk hard polymer clip-on mag pouches. I carry three spares to compensate for the single stack capacity. I prefer the 8-round mags to the 7 and 9-rounders. Yes, that's a lot of stuff on my belt, but in my case there's a lot of belt space available!

Oh, and I carry a Fenix PD35 light in a NiteEyes clip-on flashlight pouch turned horizontally over my left front pocket. And I always wear either a cover garment or an untucked tent-like polo. Eek

For me this works and isn't uncomfortable even while seated in a vehicle.

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Fobus paddle dual magazine carrier.

But then of course I might be a 13 year old girl who reads alot of gun magazines, so feel free to disregard anything I post.
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RGrizzle GS2 double mag carrier.

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Just thinking out loud.....does anyone make an ankle holster that only carries a spare mag ??

Obviously not quick but it could be fairly comfortable . ??
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