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As the title emplies, I am perhaps looking for one. How do they support and are they rough on the pants?

I have either worn a double hide leather belt or a Liger for the better part of 15 years. The Liger didnt have any "give" and sometimes would hurt the back if worn long periods sitting. The leather is excellent, but the actual thickness of the belt interferes with the attachment of both mag pouch and holster. I need something thin, yet stiff and supportive. I cant do a "Wilderness Style" belt, it must have a dressier buckle or no buckle.


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Check out Trakline belts. I haven't used anything else after receiving mine. Thin and designed to carry a small handgun. No buckle. Infinitely adjustable,no hole ratchet design.They have excellent customer service. I had a small problem with mine and they replaced it, no questions asked.
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