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After kicking options around for trying out an appendix carry rig, I went with a Crossbreed for my G26.

Got their package deal with a belt, which I've also been needing. Nice discount for the package AND free shipping (don't know if that's normal), not to mention no sales tax. That's refreshing.

Anyone have thoughts on their holsters? Seems like a price bargain if the holsters are good.


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Been using them for years, they break in nicely and have been very comfortable and durable. Never used one of their belts though.
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Pretty much a standard bearer for holster design. Many have followed their lead. You'll likely be happy at that price point.

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Have a mini tuck horse hide for my p938 and one of the executive belt.
Both are very comfortable.
I have a Beltman belt as well and like them both very much.
The Beltman is a bit stiffer.

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I've been using a Crossbreed holsters for years. Like SR025 said, " they break in nicely and have been very comfortable and durable." I always get the horsehide. It seems to last forever.

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Probably too late to the discussion, but take a look at Ozarks Holster Co (the owner, Dustin, is a member here).
Also kydex and horsehide and about $10 cheaper than Crossbreed.

I have two of his IWB holsters, for my P250C and P239.
Very comfortable.

Here's the one for the P239 . . .
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its a great holster. been carry for years.
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yeah, main thought being ya shoulda bought from Dustin!

But in all seriousness, the concept is a good one for IWB carry that just works. I tend to stick to those hybrids rather than kydex for IWB, it's just more comfortable.

I unfortunately had to go outside of OHC for the first time because it was for a pistol that Dustin doesn't cover. But all my other hybrids have been from him.

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I've used a CB super tuck for my 239 for about 8 years and wear it a lot, usually with a cover shirt but sometimes tucked. Got an M11-A1 two years ago and promptly bought one for that pistol and also really like using it. A year ago I bought a 290RS and found that it fits very nicely in my 239 CB. Great holsters!
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I originally tried one of their QuikClip holsters for my 642, but I found it kept rotating on me. I ended up exchanging for the Super Tuck. Their CS was great to deal with. They didn't offer the Mini-Tuck at the time, so the Super Tuck is a little big for the 642. I did not order mine with the Combat Cut, but soon found that it was needed to get a good grip under the trigger guard. I cut mine myself and like it much better.

I don't like the metal belt clips that came with mine. They cut through the stitching on my belt. Thankfully, they were completely interchangeable with CompTac's plastic clips.

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I have three and am very happy with them. They were one of the first companies making holsters to fit pistols with Laserguards.

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