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Saw a dad at my daughter's soccer game today with a small over the shoulder/sling pack. May not have had a pistol in it, but from the looks of him I'm guessing it did. Beside the obviously carry setup, looked pretty useful for carrying everything around that you typically have when you've got kids. I looked at the Maxpidition packs, but they all seem too large. This pack was probably similar in size to a really big fanny pack.

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Maxpedition Versi-pack?

I know you said you looked at them, but I used one for years when I had young kids. They make different sizes. I'm actually giving mine away to a friend who is expecting his first kid.

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Mountainsmith makes some nice smaller sized messenger style bags. The "Rift" model works great on day hikes and urban adventures. After finding I never used the majority of stuff that ended up in larger bags, this small bag meets the need most of the time. I add a small padded Domke insert at times so it can double as a camera bag.

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I have a Coach leather shoulder/sling bag for discreet and fashionable carry without tacticool styling.

Black leather, picked up at the outlet store for $100 during one of their regular extra 30% off deals. Mine is all black but they had some with different contrasting colors.

Open topped inside pocket that easily fits my P320c, main compartment for pretty much d a smaller outside zipper compartment for keys, checkbook, small flashlight, etc.

Can be hooked to left or right side at the bottom.

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