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When its not actually attached to your gun?

I have a hip light that I must hold, its very easily pocketed or on a rare occasion I wear a sheath on my belt.

for those that carry a w.m.l. separate from the gun, what method do you use to cart it around ?

I know that there are kydex holsters available that allow you to keep the two attached, while carrying.

about those,
can you detach the light but keep it in the holster? will it stay in the holster , by itself?

will the gun stay in the holster by itself w/o the light attached?

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I don't carry a wml not attached. Like you, I have a belt holster for a hand-carried light. If I have a wml with me, it's attached in a custom molded kydex holster. Because that holster is molded with the wml attached, there is only enough room for both items if the light is mounted to the rail. If I were to try to fit the light in the holster not attached to the rail, the light mount would add too much bulk for the gun to fit.

The gun would sit in my holster w/o the wml, but I don't think it would be retained much (if at all) without it.

I'm sure a kydex holster maker could fashion you something for a belt-worn detached wml.

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I'd like to carry a WML on my P229 but my preferred holster is a leather pancake holster with a snap. If DeSantis or Gould & Goodrich made a holster that could host the Surefire XC-1 or Inforce APLc I would be quite happy.

Until then I'll have to stick with my trusty Nitecore P10.

Now. I have considered packing a TLR-1 in my backpack but I would be concerned about it turning on accidentally and draining the battery. Maybe someone could develop a storage container that could hold a like in a pack?
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