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It has been a good while since I have posted an update. The 4th quarter of is usually slow for new laws being passed. Some take affect at that time but those were passed many months back and I posted that info. The new year brought many of the State Legislatures together and there are many bills being considered. We will try to keep you informed of those that pass. would appreciate a heads up on any firearm laws that pass and become law. Sometimes it can be very difficult to keep up with all of them.

Minnesota has updated the list of states that they will honor. They have Dropped Nevada and have added West Virginia (Reg Permit) to their listing. On the MN DPS website just below their listing of states whose permits they honor they state why they dropped NV.

Delaware has added Kansas to the list of states it will honor. You can see that here: https://attorneygeneral.delawa...deadly-weapons-ccdw/ Kansas is now honored by all states that have reciprocity in their statutes. A Kansas Resident can legally carry in 40 states counting their own. Residents of Michigan and North Dakota residents with a Class 1 Permit can also carry in 40 states. 30 other states residents can carry in 30 or more states on their states permit/license. If you want to see a listing of what states honor your state or any states permit you can view it here:

South Dakota has passed HB 1083 South Dakota already has a Regular, Gold and Enhanced Permit system. They went with the Enhanced to get more reciprocity and the Gold to be NICS exempt. Now they will issue a Restricted Enhanced Permit. The same requirements to obtain either but the Restricted Enhanced will be issued to those 18-21 and changing the Enhanced to be only available to those 21 or older. Other states have gone with Enhanced types permits to obtain more reciprocity for their permits and to keep costs down for residents who don’t want that extra reciprocity. This change has a good chance of adding New Mexico and Washington to states that honor South Dakota. That will give them all the states that will honor other states for a total of 40 counting SD.

Wyoming - July 1 HB168 takes effect. Governor let it become law without his signature. This bill expands where a person can be (Stand Your Ground) and doesn’t have to retreat if attacked. It also has some immunity from Civil Actions. The link above will let you read the bill as passed showing the additions and words struck from the existing Self Defense Statutes.
Also effective July 1 Wyoming statutes will no longer state Houses of Worship will be off limits to those with a Permit/License to Carry. This will allow Churches to have security teams without the states OK to carry in their Church. They also can post their Churches if they wish. HB141. will be updated in the next 48 hours with the changes that take effect now and later if the law change has an effective date.

Stay Safe,
Gary Slider
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Thanks, seems MN, and of course IL don’t like WI.

I had a relative driving West recently go right into Iowa and avoid both. Yes I realize there are legal ways to pass through, just the way he decided to do it.
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