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Anyone every use Craft Holsters? How is the quality of their leather holsters and leather belts?

I saw a John Wayne custom made holster which caught my attention.
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Don't know but that is a mighty attractive holster.
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I bought my son a holster from them for Christmas and I was very impressed with the quality of it. Much better than I expected, the leather appeared to be durable stuff and the workmanship was nice. Nicely packaged and presented as well.

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I bought a IWB holster for my new then Wilson Combat EDCX9. It is a good holster. Leather is nicely stitched and looks good. I think it was all of $60 too. They are made in Europe somewhere and shipped here. They estimated 3 weeks I think and a couple days late of that it arrived.

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They're headquartered in Banska Stiavnica in the Slovak Republic (Slovakia), but apparently sold through a distributor in NV from what I can tell. They're connected to FALCO holsters which are sold on ebay.

A lot of gun shops are selling off shore holsters. I bought a black Askins type holster made in Afghanistan. It probably won't last as long as most USA made custom holsters.

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