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Our church youth are participating in an outdoor program this week and all will be dressed in period correct clothing. After talking with retired LEO who will be attending, they've encouraged CCW.

What options do I have, if any, under a shirt that will be tucked in, a belt and suspenders?

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There are a number of ways to carry with a tucked-in shirt:

Pocket holster
Ankle holster
Tuckable IWB holster
Belly band
Smart Carry pouch
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Here's something on SmartCarry I first posted several years ago:

It works for me. CCW holsters are a balance between concealment, comfort, and accessibility, and my first priority is concealment. Sometimes I carry my LCP or PM9 in a pocket, but most of the time it’s in Smart Carry. I also have a super-size model and on rare occasions I carry my G-19 and two spare mags.

I no longer carry my 642 or PPS, but like the LCP, PM9, and now G-43 they fit fine in my medium (holster, not hip size) Smart Carry. You buy the size holster for the largest gun you plan to carry.

Comfort is not an issue on long trips; Last fall I drove east (2500 miles r/t) with my LCP and almost forgot it was there.


No cover garment, shirt can be tucked in or out

Wear under shorts, long pants, or sweats. Even business casual.

One size holster fits almost all

No one looks there

Superior concealment

Slot for spare mag/speed strip

Can draw with support hand


May not support a heavy gun

Potentially slower draw

Reluctance to keep a gun there

Need to buy pants one size larger

Other members may have additional pros and cons. It's not the perfect holster, it’s not for everyone, but Smart Carry works for me.
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I like either Alien Gear (their Cloak Tuk 3.0) or a Milt Sparks VM-2 with Sparks' proprietary clips to allow for IWB "tucked" carry.

The fact that you need something this week could be an issue time-wise.

What are you planning to carry? I have an Alien Gear sized for a 1911 and a VM-2 sized for a J-frame, also a VM-2 sized for a 9mm or .40 Glock. If one of these might work for you, maybe I could send one to you as a loaner? Let me address is in my profile.

(Edited to add: I see "P229" at the bottom of your post. Not sure if that's your signature line or if you're stating there that's the gun you need to be able to carry. If it's indeed a 229, I wouldn't have any holsters to offer for use).

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I use a Comp-Tac tuckable IWB (I think the model is the minotaur). Works great for me with either a 229 or a Glock 32. The key for me is to "blouse" my shirt slightly all around my waist.
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Originally posted by Sigmund:
Here's something on SmartCarry I first posted several years ago:


I am such a fan of this holster; sometimes feel like I am the only one.

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I use this.
One button and my gun is in my hand.
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Tuckable IWB would be my top choice, based on what I currently own.
The clips would be visible, but likely only noticed by someone that knew what they were.
2nd option for me would be pocket carry, assuming that would work in your 'period correct' garments.

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During the cool months I use and IWB tuckable under a button down shirt at work at 3 o clock.

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I bought a Vedder Holster Light Tuck holster for my P228 just so I could carry it AIWB when in dress clothes and a suit jacket was not a reliable cover garment. This was only for situations when open carry was not an option (normally when in a suit I just use the suit jacket to conceal, but open carry when suit jacket comes off).
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