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I really like 14oz steel lined BigFoot Gunbelts.

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I've got 2 Kore Essential belts, one leather and one tactical and both are great. Having the ability to loosen and tighten quickly is great and having more size options than just the hole is awesome.
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I am partial to the Instructor belts. I like the Wilderness of course, but one that is a great value for the money is the Uncle Mikes Instructor belts. They are reinforced and you can get them in any color as long as it is black...
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[QUOTE]Originally posted by AH.74:
Leather- Beltman. I have them from both original and new owners. You won't be disappointed.

This. ^^^
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ORVIS. Not specifically a firearm carry belt. But very sturdy. A long time ago I had a walmart leather belt fail at the buckle..a word to the wise.

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Been wearing one for 4+ years...great quality!


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The Galco CB2 1 1/4" belt is a great low profile concealed carry belt. I bought 2 of them 6 years ago, thinking it might wear out quickly with daily use carrying an HK40C and double mag pouch. After hard use, the first one still isn't even close to showing signs of wear, and the unused other one is still hanging in my closet. The CB2 does a great job for a "narrow" belt, even when carrying a handgun, a double mag pouch and multiple AR magazine pouches while doing pistol and rifle drills. It's very comfortable and sturdy for discreet concealed carry.
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HUGE shout out to Mike at Armour!!!

Went round and around, waffling on which belt to get and went with the one he suggested.

It arrived Monday, but that was the day my mother passed away, so needless to say, things have been very busy here, and just now had a moment to open the package...

He sent me both belts!!!

I am absolutely floored!

Just called and spoke with Mike.

He was concerned about my order and wanted to make sure i was happy. I couldn't be more surprised!

Both belts are absolutely fantastic and I couldn't be more pleased.

They are both marked inside as having been made just for me. Smile

What a great way to bring some brightness to a terrible week.

Thank you, Mike!


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I just got an Emissary belt from Ciguera to try out. I’ve only worn it a couple times but so far I like it. We’ll see how it holds up.
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We have answered this question a thousand times.

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Originally posted by TheFrontRange:
I’ll chime-in for A&G Custom Gunleather. Check out their “Quick Ship” options. I’ve been wearing their belts for 5 years now.

Agreed. Top quality product.
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Another good word for Beltman! Late last Saturday night I decided that I couldn't put off ordering a real gun belt any longer because of The Troubles, so I searched various threads here for recommendations, and saw Beltman highly respected. Late to the party, I decided to order one of his "Quick Ship" belts with a stiffener insert, making a mental note to call Monday to verify it was in stock or change my order to fit their inventory.

Didn't have to wait for Monday, though. Early Sunday morning I got an e-mail from them verifying my size choice, and in my reply I asked when they would ship -- Monday morning! They ship Priority Mail, so it got here Wednesday, and was as good as I expected from reading about them here.

Thanks to all who posted favorably about Beltman.

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