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Well, I did it. I sold my G43x (AKA Finger destroyer) and bought a new Sig 365XL. I love the gun and so far it's digested everything I've run through it. It's birthday is January 02, 2020.

Now I'm looking for a holster recommendation, most likely kydex, although I'm open to suggestions, for Right side IWB carry. At the moment I do not have the Romeo sight, but may purchase one sometime down stream. Is there a holster that can configure the iron sights now, but capable of handling the romeo later, or will it be two different holsters? Thanks...
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I've been really happy with the service I've had with Milt Spark's "Summer Special 2" holsters. I've been using their leather rigs since the 1970's and though I've bought plenty of kydex and kydex/leather combos, nothing beats the original!

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Dale Fricke has made two for my red dot equipped pistols - a 365 XL and a G48. Very well made and fast delivery.

Vedder also makes a good one.

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I have two Black Arch holsters. They are hybrids but this particular model has the kydex wrapping around the trigger guard instead of relying on body pressure to retain the gun.
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I really like the Vedder light tuck. The last 3 carries guns have all called that holster home.

The main reason I like this is they use a metal belt clip. I will never go back plastic.


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