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I am looking for suggestions that anyone might have for a close knock off of a Mastermind Tactics AIWB holster. I’ve bought from several different vendors and none are the same. They ride too low and do not come with the foam wedge.

And if the make optic ready holsters it would be all the better.



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This AIWB holster with a quick clip works well for me. G19/RMR.
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Jerry, I don't carry with AIWB and you have more experience than I do regarding concealed carry.

Garrett holsters is a Texas company I buy from, they have this AIWB product:

Their holster options include Optic Ready, Standard or Suppressor Height Tall iron sights, and I think their version of a foam wedge is called a Stabilizer Arm:

The reason I like their products is because they make a "leather-lined" kydex holster. The leather draw is smooth and quiet yet the kydex offers protection and retention.

I bet if you call Garrett (Office Phone: 409-200-2853) and ask for a high-riding AIWB holster they will be able to accommodate you because they manufacture in house.


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I've owned a ton of AIWB holsters but not the Mastermind so I don't have the direct experience. I even had to Google how it looked. Seems like the closest would be CCC Gestalt.


Note that the ride height is adjustable with one of his plates. However, my experience with the system that Rich uses was that in its highest ride position it was still too low for me. That was on a Shaggy. I have probably 10 of his holsters, all Shaggies. I ask Rich to make me hi-ride and low-ride belt attachment loops and that answers all my needs. He can build an optic compatible holster. Give him a call.

Goes without saying but if you find something that rides well enough, making your own wedge is easy. I've been doing it for 5 years now as I use much thicker and denser wedges than anyone offers.
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